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Learn How The Freemasons Defiantly Encoded Their Ancient"Secret of Three" —A Lost Wisdom Banned By The Church— Into Gothic Cathedral"Triptychs"

…in Freemasonry, the number Three is the most important…and we find it pervading our whole ritual…"

—Jeremiah How 1881 The Freemason’s Manual Oxford University

Uncover Freemasonry’s Lost"Sacred Science of Three," Find Out How It Once Empowered History’s Greatest Heroes (Like George Washington), Discover Its Prehistoric Roots, And Learn How It Can Help You:
  • See your soul inside your body

  • Distinguish your"real" Self (spiritual You) from your"unreal" self (animal you)

  • Reconnect with your soul’s higher powers

  • Realize you never lost these powers, they have merely been covered up by your body

The Freemasons—who built Europe’s Gothic cathedrals—are said to have inherited a"Great Secret" from Antiquity.

—A secret symbolized by the number Three:

“In all the mysteries from Egypt to Scandinavia, we find a sacred regard for the number Three.

In Freemasonry, the number Three is the most important…" i

The Masons mysteriously memorialized Three in Western art, architecture, and literature—a fact still widely unrecognized.

For example, Mozart, a Viennese Mason initiated in 1784, used Three in his Masonic opera The Magic Flute:


“The number three certainly has Masonic significance.

The Zauberflöte libretto abounds in trinities: three ladies…three boys...three priests, three slaves. Three sets of chords in that most Masonic key -E flat…" ii

Similarly, mysterious"Three-patterns" grace federal buildings and capital landmarks in Washington DC—still undiscovered by academia:

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Symbolic"Three" patterns in Washington DC architecture, still undiscovered by academia

These Threes appear to have been"put" there by America’s Masonic Founders —Washington, Franklin, Hancock, and so on.

—An idea made all the more obvious when we realize how identical Three-patterns grace Masonic temples:

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"A Lodge is a place where Freemasons assemble to work, and to instruct and improve themselves in the mysteries of their ancient science."


This"Three" phenomenon is not limited to the facades of Washington DC architecture and Masonic temples.

It can be seen nationwide on post offices, courthouses, state capitals and federal buildings:

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Few Americans realize how every key government building, from the late 1700's through the FDR administration, was consecrated in a Masonic cornerstone laying ceremony.

The pattern dates back to European Freemasonry, long before Columbus ever discovered America:

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Why these Threes?—Specifically these"Three-In-One" doorways?

What’s going on here?

The answer is, the number Three symbolizes an extraordinarily powerful"Sacred Science" once known to the Freemasons.

—A Sacred Science that changed their lives (and it can change yours too).

This Sacred Science enables you to see who you are, where you came from, and where you’re going; even the meaning of life itself.

Incredibly, the Sacred Science was stolen from the Freemasons in the 1800s, during an era of internal turmoil (scholars say).

This explains why modern Masons say things like:

“Not only are the origins of Freemasonry no longer known, but the ‘true secrets’ of the order are…lost’" iii

In 1923, the newly created International Society of Masonic Research dedicated itself:

To recover the Arcane Wisdom…behind the various forms of Masonic Tradition throughout the ages, so that the Sacred Science may again become a living reality to the Brethren." iv

No one has ever"uncovered" the Masonic Secret.

However, what you are about to discover is fresh new original evidence that will perhaps come closer to anything you’ve ever come across.

You’re now going to learn Freemasonry’s lost"Sacred Science of Three"…

…in a way that makes searching for another meaning futile.


If you believe what you hear on TV, then you’re convinced that:

"Since the dawn of time, man has been searching for the meaning of life."

It’s not true.

The ancients fully understood the meaning of life.

—And it has nothing to do with the Bible, Moses, or the State of Israel.

Instead, it has everything to do with a lost ancient wisdom symbolized by the number Three.

This wisdom of Three teaches that all humans have a kind of"Sixth Sense" over and above our everyday five senses.

—A Sixth Sense that we can discover right here and now, and that can endow us with superhuman powers like:

  • feeling your immortality
  • seeing your soul—your true Self—inside your physical body
  • achieving higher perception
  • tapping your internal clairvoyant, intuitive, and psychic abilities
  • enhancing your self-healing

Today our society has forgotten this Sacred Science of Three; scholars, professors and archaeologists are oblivious to it.

As a result, we are sick human beings, not functioning at optimal levels.

True Masonry exists to set worthy candidates on the path to discovering our lost Sixth Sense abilities; to finding the higher and eternal"Self" within.

This is done simply by learning an ancient"Sacred Science" based on the number Three that exists to help seekers on the Path:

“…true Masonry is something far different from what It appears to be among the great mass of the brethren…"

“It is the opening of a sixth sense through which a man actually feels his immortality with the same absolute certainty as he feels another object through the sense of touch. This sixth sense cannot be communicated from one person to another; it lies dormant in all; it must be developed through spiritual exercises…" v

For past Freemasons this"Sacred Science of Three" was a living reality.

This explains the high-importance Masonic ritual has always attached to the number Three:

“…In Masonry, the ternary is the most sacred of all the mystical numbers…In fact, everywhere in the system the number Three is presented as a prominent symbol. So much is this the case that all the other mystical numbers depend upon it…" vi

Did the Freemasons inherit this wisdom of Three from earlier epochs?

It appears so, especially since ancient cultures worldwide considered Three to be a magical number:

In whatever part of the ancient world we pursue our researches we find all nations in possession of a Triad…

all used the mysterious…Three-In-One…" vii

Now, for centuries it’s been rumored that the Freemasons encoded their secret of Three into Gothic cathedral architecture.

Could this explain the identical architectural pattern (the"Cathedral Code") visible on so many Gothic cathedrals?

Note how the"Three-In-One" or"Triptych" three-door entrance seems to be the grand focal point of the Gothic façade:

As you’re about to see, the repeating blueprint common to these cathedrals actually forms a step-by-step roadmap.

And the evidence will show how this roadmap is designed to reveal the deeper meaning of the three-in-one Triptych entrance.

Let’s start with the Twin Towers.

We’ve already seen how the Twin Towers symbolize the Tracing Board’s Twin Pillars—Jachin and Boaz—which, capped by the Sun and Moon, denote all the"pairs of opposites" in the universe (read Article I, Deeper Truth Journal, Volume I):

Blueprint Building

We’ll repeat the formula briefly here, to refresh your memory:

The Sun and Moon are opposites.

The Sun stands for DAY.

The Moon means NIGHT.

During the Day it’s HOT.

During the Night it’s COLD.

The Day is filled with LIGHT.

The Night is filled with DARK.

By this chain of associations, the Sun and Moon engender and denote all the"pairs of opposites" in the visible universe:

British Freemason and respected author Hargrave Jennings (1817 – 1890) wrote:

“In old representations of the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, the symbols of the masculine divinity—such as the sun…are placed over the right hand, or masculine western towerOver the corresponding left hand, or female tower, are placed the crescent horns of the moon… announcing its dedication to the female deified principle." viii

Note the male"solar-column" and female"lunar-column" in mystic Giordano Bruno’s Grand Master Certificate below:


The Twin Towers of Gothic Cathedrals thus symbolize"opposites."

Now, let’s build on this.

Follow the Twin Towers down to the ground with your eyes.

A single doorway sits at the base of each tower:

These are the Triptych’s Twin outer Doors.

If you look closely, the Twin Towers appear to rise up from these Twin Doors.

Or, you might say the Twin Doors form the base of the Twin Towers.

This is important.

It seems to be saying the Triptych’s Twin Doors are the"doors of the opposites."

But what does this mean—the"doors of opposites"?

It means that, when read together, these Twin Doors symbolize the same"pairs of opposites" as the Twin Towers above them—Sun/Moon, Light/Dark, Male/Female, Good/Evil, and so on.

We find supporting evidence of this in both ancient and modern architecture.

For example, one of the most striking esoteric Triptychs in modern times sits unnoticed in Manhattan, New York.

It very much appears to have been built by minds who understood Masonry’s authentic Sacred Science of Three (almost a century ago):


Notice the male and female figures atop the"doors of opposites."

The male on the right, the female on the left.

Male and female opposites!

What esoteric mind was at work here at the turn of the 1900s?

Wait, there’s more.

These opposites doors flank a"god" in the third, centered door (third = Masonic Three).

Incredibly, the god holds a Compass—a key Masonic symbol:

Who is this"god"?

Why is he in the center?

What hidden wisdom is this saying about the Triptych’s Third—middle—Door?

The answer reveals a major part of Freemasonry’s Lost Secret.

The answer is that the god in the center is you.

The real you.

The inner you.

The eternal you.

The non-physical spiritual you that was never born and never dies.

The part you don’t see in the mirror and can’t detect with your five senses.

The part I’m talking about…is your soul.

You see, you are much more than just two opposing halves of an animal’s body, the good right and evil left (read Article I, Deeper Truth Journal, Volume I):

Deep in your non-physical center, you are a higher element—a spiritual"soul within" or"god within" that animates your physical body.

You don’t HAVE a soul. You ARE a soul. You HAVE a body."
—C. W. Lewis

Your body is material and temporary. It’s composed of the same"stuff"—the same"pairs of opposites"—as the material world in which it lives.

But your soul is spiritual and eternal. Your soul is thus not subjected to the laws of the material world, particularly the"pairs of opposites."

You may recall hearing this teaching in the biblical tale of the Garden of Eden.

As this story in the biblical Book of Genesis goes, we have come down to this lower world after eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (opposites):

“…the fall [of your soul] from perfection into duality…was naturally followed by the discovery of the duality of good and evil…This is the Biblical version of a myth known to many lands …" ix

You’ve fallen from your higher spiritual home in the heavens and you’ve landed down here in the material world of"opposites":

“According to this mystic doctrine…all souls have pre-existence and have descended from the spiritual world into the earthly prison of the body…" x

In other words, you are divine already; you existed before your body’s birth and you will survive your body’s death.

Having fallen, you are now imprisoned inside your animal body that mimics the duality of the universe in which your body temporarily lives:

Man is a god in the body of an animal according to the pronouncement of ancient philosophy…" xi

The word"imprisoned" is accurate because your body is not your true home but an imperfect and transitory vehicle.

Your body imprisons your soul because your body must be cared for.

In order to survive, your body must constantly:

  • Breathe
  • Eat
  • Drink
  • Maintain A Constant Temperature
  • Fight Disease

Even if your body can endure for decades, death will eventually destroy it.

For the ancients, your fall into the human body is a tragedy:

“…the Platonists in general believed in a pre-existent state, in which all souls had sinned, and thus lost their wings, whereby they were once capable of ascending, and so they sunk into these bodies partly as a punishment for former follies." xii

It means you’ve descended down so deeply into the material world from your spiritual heavenly home that you’ve forgotten your true Self and origin entirely.

You’ve lost sight of your eternal"god within" or"soul within," which is who you really are.

“A man is a god in ruins." —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your soul is thus imprisoned in these conditions—man must till the soil, women give birth in travail—over which is has no control.

However…and this next bit of wisdom is tremendously important…your soul is not completely powerless.

Because it is eternal, the soul comes complete with its own inherent powers—powers that can be rediscovered and exercised right here in the material world.

Though in a"fallen state" you (your soul) never lost these powers; they have merely been"covered up" by the body, rendering them unrecognizable.

Masonry exists not only to reveal to Man the presence of his inner soul, but to help him rediscover its higher powers—powers that have been covered up by the body.

To spark these powers…to turn these powers"on"…you need to employ the actual formula of the number Three.

That is, you need to"reconcile" or"balance" your twin bodily opposites.

This forms the basis of the lost secret of Freemasonry:

“…only by the reconciliation of opposing forces is the Pathway made to true occult knowledge and practical power…" xiii

In other words, you need to"join" your male"right-half" and your female"left-half," the twin sun and moon pillars:

“…Join the male and the female and you will find what you are seeking…"

—Aphorisms of Zosimus

When you"balance" or"reconcile" your twin opposing forces—your two lower (male/female) animal halves—you find your true"soul within."

This Three-In-One"practice," the act of uniting the opposites through the middle path, is an ancient exercise.

Now exclusive to Eastern religions—as we’ll see—its wisdom is virtually unknown in the West.

Unfortunately our Western mind, lacking all culture in this respect, has never yet devised a concept, nor even a name, for the union of opposites through the middle path, that most fundamental item of inward experience…

…It is at once the most individual fact and the most universal, the most legitimate fulfillment of the meaning of the individual’s life."

— Carl Jung

This"union of opposites through the middle path" forms the lost wisdom of the Third middle Door of the Triptych.

Look closely at the Gothic cathedral’s Triptych entrance below.

The Triptych’s Twin outer Doors symbolize your bodily male/female opposites (as they form the base of the Twin—Sun & Moon—Towers).

However, the Triptych’s taller and wider middle door symbolizes your spiritual"soul within" or"god within"—your all-important higher center that rests between the lower duality of your animal body:


Take the middle door, the Triptych entrance says,"between the towering contraries of your physical dual existence. You’ll strike the balance of opposites and find the spiritual life of the soul in the center within."

Professor Kuhn said that to transcend our physical human body, every seeker:

“…must…end his subjection to the pairs of opposites… with thought turned inward, until one empirically learns that he is not his body…that he himself is the entity, the point of conscious being, which abides in unaffected permanence at the center…"

The Triptych thus denotes this practice of transcending your physical duality (Two) by"centering" yourself or finding your"center" between opposites (Three).


The rose window is shaped like a circle. With no beginning and no end, the circle has always symbolized eternity and is thus a perfect emblem of your eternal"soul within," here depicted centered between opposing twin towers.

A circular"rose window" sits directly above the Triptych’s center doorway, marking the middle entry.

The rose window emphasizes that the middle door leads to your"soul within" or"god within"—who you really are.

Like the middle doorway, the rose window strikes the balance between the two opposing towers.


“the rose window is… a representation of perfection, balance and harmony of the purified soul." xiv

Beams of flowers, light, and life radiate from the center of rose windows, as all life radiates outward from our soul or spiritual source.

British author Painton Cowen, who has dedicated his life to the study of rose windows, refers to Rose Windows as "the key to one's own soul."

In Antiquity, this wisdom was known from one side of the world to the other.

Watch how the illuminated 20th century professor of mythology, the brilliant Joseph Campbell, analyzed the ancient Triptych statue below.

Note how the statue forms a three-in-one design, with a male on the right and female on the left flanking a"god" in the center (thoroughly revealing Freemasonry’s"Secret of Three"):


Bombay, INDIA

Note the male"right-side" and female"left-side" flanking the middle"god." This is an esoteric portrait of you—of your eternal soul inside your temporary body.

We’ve already seen the presence of the Triptych esoterically encoded in modern architecture (i.e., the old Radio City Music Hall building).

What evidence is there from Antiquity that the Twin outer Doors denote opposites, and the Centered middle Door denotes the"soul within" or"god within"?

In fact, corroborating evidence to support this assertion is overwhelming…

The Egyptians, for example, built Triptychs that are identical to Gothic cathedral Triptychs built by the Freemasons later in history:

Temple of Karnak, EGYPT

See the Triptych pattern on the Temple of Karnak here?

Actually, this is one of many Egyptian Triptychs that still survive today.

Amazingly, the Egyptians fully understood the concept of balancing the opposites to find the center within:

“As is the case in many ancient and modern cultures, the right side was deemed to be more auspicious than the left…The texts speak of the king’s powerful right hand; the right ear is associated with hearing and wisdom; and the right eye is the more important, with the right eye of the god of the heavens being the sun and the moon the left…"

The phenomenon of duality pervades Egyptian culture and is at the heart of the Egyptian concept of the universe itself…Heaven and earth, light and dark , the sun and moon…are only the most obvious examples of this dichotic unity seen at the cosmic level…" xvi

The Egyptians were fanatical about life after death (as opposed to death after life, as many Egyptologists believe).

And to prove it, we can see a mountain of evidence that not only did they understand and celebrate the Sacred Science of Three…but they are one of the world’s first cultures to have been the source of this wisdom.




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How Triptychs on Egyptian temples denote the Sacred Science of Three

How Egyptian Triptychs predate Gothic cathedral Triptychs by thousands of years


How Egypt’s Aten symbol—visible above the center door of Egyptian Triptychs—denotes the"Sacred Science of Three"

How the circular Sun-Disk on the Aten symbolizes your"soul within"

The link between cathedral Rose Windows and Egypt’s Aten symbol.


How the Twin Serpents issuing from Egypt’s Sun Disk (in opposite directions) denote"pairs of opposites"

  —And how Masonic art historically depicts twin serpents as"sun and moon opposites.

How the Egyptians were not"preoccupied" with death as Egyptologists believe, but were focused on the"life within" or"soul within," which they nurtured constantly
How the Egyptians were convinced (like we are) that when a person dies, their eternal"soul within" departs from the body


The ankh symbolizes the eternal life of the
"god within" or"soul within" your body

—And how they symbolized this idea with the ankh cross, today found everywhere among the ruins:


How a major part of the Lost Secret of Freemasonry is based on this wisdom:


Freemasonry has always incorporated Egyptian imagery (symbols, icons, etc.) In fact, entire rooms inside Masonic lodges—like the one shown above—are called"Egyptian rooms."

How the concept of a"reunion" or reconciliation of opposites forms the central meaning behind China’s ancient Yin / Yang symbol.


How misinformed Westerners think the Yin / Yang symbol highlights Two, when in fact it highlights Three—the same Three in Masonry!

“The Chinese trinity, being the duality of yang and yin organized into a higher unity under the harmonious influence of Ch'i, is regarded as the source of all existence, and its symbol…possesses a deep religious significance for the Chinese heart."
—Lao-Tze’s Táo Teh King
"He who follows the Tao is one with the Tao,"
—Lao Tsu, Verse 23
"Being at one with the Tao is eternal, though the body dies, the Tao will never pass away."
—Lao Tsu, Verse 16
How the Middle Pillar on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life symbolizes your"soul within" and how this"soul within" is depicted as being centered between the Pillar of Mercy (Jachin) and Pillar of Severity (Boaz):

How the key symbols of Freemasonry, the Compass & Square, denotes the"soul within" the body:

“The Compass, as the Symbol of the Heavens, represents the spiritual portion of this double nature of Humanity…and the Square, as the Symbol of the Earth, its material, sensual, and baser portion."

—Albert Pike, Morals & Dogma

"There is one sign which has never changed its meaning anywhere in the civilized world—the Compass and the Square. A sign of the union of the body and soul.".

— Deman S. Wagstaff, Wagstaff's Standard Masonry


How the Mormon religion, which has long been suspected of having Masonic origins, has direct links to the Triptych


The Temple in Salt Lake City is a Triptych.
Joseph Smith was a Freemason in the early 1800s, before the
"shakeup" and before the emergence of New Masonry.


How past Masons understood the power of the"pairs of opposites" and thus were awakened to Sixth Sense powers, like Second Sight:

“For what we do presage is not in grosse, For we be brethren of the Rosie Crosse: We have the MASONS WORD and second sight Things for to come we can foretell aright…"

—The Muses Threnodies, H. Adamson, 1638


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