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Discover The Ancient Message The Freemasons Transmitted To Posterity Through The"Twin Towers" Of Gothic Cathedrals

What if everything you thought you knew about Freemasonry was a lie?

Learn A Sophisticated Ancient Wisdom Once Celebrated Globally And See How It Can:
  • Reawaken You To The Memory Of Who You Really Are

  • Help You Rediscover Inborn Powers You Never Knew You Had

  • Endow You With Unprecedented Control Of Your Life, Health And Destiny

  • Teach You Something About Your Body You Never Realized

When operative Freemasons built Europe’s Gothic cathedrals in the Middle ages, they did something seditious in the process:

They rebelliously encoded a blasphemous"Secret" into the architecture.

For centuries their heretical work went unrecognized.

But when high-level Church authorities found out, all hell broke loose.

The Church demanded the Order’s swift and immediate destruction:

“The purpose and aim of the Masonic sect having been discovered from plain evidence...is easy to understand...to try to revive, after eighteen centuries, the manners and institutions of paganism

…we intend to turn our attention to the Masonic society… to illustrate more and more this wicked force and stop the spread of this contagious disease…"

—Pope Leo XIII

By that time, however, the damage was done, the Secret of the Freemasons was Written In Stone.

This Secret is still visible today in the repeating"Cathedral Code" blueprint shown here:

You’re about to discover the foundation of this Secret by uncovering a key piece of the architectural"Cathedral Code"—the meaning behind the two cathedral spires, those tall Twin Towers that grace the West face.

Look again at the three cathedrals above.

Clearly they all share the same common blueprint (see right).

You don’t realize it, but this blueprint conveys a lost ancient teaching—a powerful"Sacred Science."

Neither the blueprint nor the Sacred Science is known to scholars, who credit a"Secret Society," the"Freemasons," with building the Gothic cathedrals.

Why are they called a"Secret" society?

Because the Freemasons have for centuries been believed by many to be in possession of a"Great Secret" inherited from Antiquity.

“I… promise and swear…that I will keep and conceal, and never reveal any of the secrets…"

—Masonic Initiation Ceremony

—A secret, what’s more, they are rumored to have encoded into Gothic cathedral architecture:

Architect, Author Claude Bragdon, 1866 – 1946 (designed New York Central Railroad Station, Rochester, NY)
Victor Hugo’ (1802 - 1885) The Hunchback of Notre Dame

In Mediaeval Europe…fragments of the Ancient Wisdom—transmitted in the symbols and secrets of the cathedral builders—determined much of Gothic architecture."

“…from remotest antiquity…the human race has employed architecture as its chief means of writing."

"Sometimes an entrance, a front, or even an entire church presents a symbolic meaning wholly foreign to religion, or even hostile to the Church.

“Only the initiated can decipher these mysterious books."

Today, the Great Secret of the Freemasons has become lost.

—This according to most of the 3 million Masons who still meet in organized lodges worldwide.

“Not only are the origins of Freemasonry no longer known, but the ‘true secrets’ of the order are admitted to have been lost, with ‘substituted secrets’ being used in their place in Masonic ceremony….’"

—The Hiram Key, Freemasons Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas

In fact, it appears true. The Freemasons seem to have lost their secret in the early 1800s, an era scholars say was rife with internal conflict.

Many books have since been published promising to reveal the"The Lost Secret of the Freemasons."

All have very seriously fallen short.

However, the revelations you are about to discover here are vastly different.

This material is original and exciting because it’s based on using a special"roadmap" or guide.

That guide is the mysterious Cathedral Code, the repeating architectural pattern I’ve alluded to above, which appears in dozens of the world’s most famous Gothic Cathedrals.

The Cathedral Code is Written In Stone and thus 100% authentic—unable to be tarnished by rumor or rhetoric, and untouched by historical revisionists and less-than-capable historians.

We can begin to decipher the Cathedral Code by looking at an important Masonic document called a"Tracing Board".

As you are about to see, a mysterious centuries-old Masonic document called a"Tracing Board" actually forms the blueprint of the Gothic cathedral facade (though scholars and historians haven’t yet realized it).

A copy of the Tracing Board exists in Masonic lodges worldwide:

Tracing Board

Masonic Tracing Board

It doesn’t look much like a blueprint, does it?

—But that’s exactly what this Tracing Board is.

And not just any blueprint.

The Tracing Board is a Gothic cathedral blueprint—the blueprint behind the Cathedral Code.

First, notice the Three Steps leading up to the checkerboard floor.

The same pattern graces Gothic cathedrals.

Now, look at the Twin Pillars. Do they look familiar?

These are the cathedral’s Twin Towers!

Tracing Board Notre Dame

A century ago author and Freemason Walter L. Wilmshurst (1867 – 1939), one of very few modern-day Masons who understood Masonry profoundly, explained:


“The [Twin] Pillars…have been incorporated into Christian architecture. If you recall the construction of York Minster or Westminster Abbey, you will recognize the pillars in the two great towers flanking the main entrance…" i

London, England

York, England

What exactly do the Twin Pillars on the Tracing Board signify?

They apparently signify something tremendously important, since the operative cathedral-building Masons went to great lengths to memorialize them into cathedral architecture for posterity.

Masons call the Twin Pillars on the Tracing Board"Jachin" and"Boaz."

They are told the Twin Pillars once decorated the front porch of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem:

“The pillars…were the two erected by Solomon at the porch of the Temple… on the right hand…Jachin and the other at the left hand…Boaz." ii

While this story may be true, my research shows that the symbolism behind the pillars actually predates Solomon, the Jews, and even the Old Testament books by thousands of years.

What’s the real history then?

The answer is that the Twin Pillars form the foundation of an ancient Sacred Science once known worldwide.

They enshrine a very mysterious "secret of the number two" you might say.

Look again at the Tracing Board.

Note how:

  • the right-hand Pillar is capped by the Sun
  • the left-hand Pillar is capped by the Moon

This duality of the Sun/Moon tells us something critically important.

The world’s first cultures all perceived the Sun and Moon as"perfect opposites" or perfect"pairs of opposites."

Indeed, mother Nature has placed the Sun & Moon at odds and on opposite sides of the polarity spectrum:

Just think...

The Sun stands for DAY.

The Moon means NIGHT.

During the Day it’s HOT and filled with LIGHT.

During the Night it’s COLD and filled with DARKNESS.

Note the"naturally occurring pairs of opposites" here.

Now, don’t just continue reading, stop and really think about this for a second.

By this chain of associations…SUN/MOON, DAY/NIGHT, HOT/COLD, LIGHT/DARK…the Sun and the Moon engender and denote all the"pairs of opposites" in the visible universe:


SUN rules the Day MOON rules the Night
DAY brings Light NIGHT brings Dark
LIGHT brings Hot DARK brings Cold
HOT means Life COLD means Death
LIFE is Good DEATH is Evil

This"pairs of opposites" wisdom forms the"lost key" to all the Mystery schools in history (Perennial Philosophy, Hermetic Teachings, Philosopher’s Stone, Alchemy, and so on.)

Wait, there’s more…

Both Sun and Moon shine for average 12 of 24 hours daily.

That’s exactly half each—more evidence of their equal and opposing nature.

Here’s something even more powerful—so powerful it’s frightening

When seen from earth, the Sun and Moon appear identically-sized in our sky—as if perfect opposites!

That’s right! The sun is bigger, but the moon closer, so they appear parallel!

Wilmshurst said that the Twin Pillars on the Tracing Board, which are capped by the Sun and Moon:

“…stand for what is known…as the"pairs of opposites." Everything in nature is dual and can only be known in contrast with its opposite…" iii

In The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Freemason Manly Hall (1901 - 1990) explained:

“Jachin--the white pillar of light…Boaz--the shadowy pillar of darkness. …These two pillars respectively connote also the active and the passive…the sun and the moon…good and bad, light and darkness." iv

As author Warren Kenton tells us, the twin columns of France’s Chartres Cathedral are capped with iron plates of the sun and moon.

“Erected by the masons…the west front of each church had two towers representing the twin columns…the masculine and feminine aspects, the active and passive forces, flowing down from Heaven. Called, in Chartres Cathedral, the sun and moon towers…" v

Note how Kenton here mentions the"masculine and feminine aspects."

That’s because man and woman also fall into this"pairs of opposites" category.

In the early 20th century, genius architect Claude Bragdon wrote:

“…man, like the sun, is lord of day; he is like fire, a devastating force; woman is subject to the lunar rhythm; like water, she is soft, sinuous, fecund…

The Masonic guilds of the Middle Ages were custodians of the esoteric… The north or right-hand tower ("the man's side") was called the sacred male pillar, Jachin; and the south, or left-hand tower ("the woman's side"), the sacred female pillar, Boaz…" vi

Looking at the Grand Master Certificate of the"heretic" Giordano Bruno below, we see a"male" pillar crowned by the Sun on the right side and a"female" pillar crowned by the moon on the left:

16th century"heretic" Giordano Bruno

So, what does this ancient wisdom mean to you (and me)?

Actually, it’s all about you (and me)!

You see, like the world we live in, Man too is formed by opposites—you, me, all of us.

More specifically, Man’s physical body is formed by equal and opposing forces.

As above, so below," says the famous Emerald Tablet.

Since we live inside the universe, not apart from it, all of us down here are composed of the same"pairs of opposites" as everything up there.

Mackey tells us in An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:

“Man has been called the microcosm, or little world, in contradistinction to the macrocosm, or great world…by reason of a supposed correspondence between the different parts and qualities of his nature and those of the universe." vii

Now, for the Ancients, this wisdom explains the human body’s bilaterally symmetrical appearance—a right-side half and a left-side half

Our right-side is male and good, our left-side female and evil:

No human is completely one or the other, despite his/her gender. We all possess both masculine and feminine characteristics.

“Though essentially a unit, there is a well marked division into right and left…two arms, two legs, two ears, two eyes…Moreover, the terms of such pairs are masculine and feminine with respect to each other, one being active and the other passive." viii

In his 1909 The Pre-eminence of the Right Hand, widely cited by scholars, French sociologist Robert Hertz explained:

"The axis which divides the world into two halves, one radiant and the other dark, also cuts through the human body and divides it between the empire of light and darkness."

Manly Hall wrote:

“In ancient times men fought with their right arms and defended with their left arms…

…the right side of the body was considered masculine and the left side feminine." ix

The following portrait appeared in an esoteric manuscript traced back to the 1400s, origin unknown.

It’s a two-headed human with a male on the right holding the sun and a female on the left holding the moon:

Esoteric Human Portrait (1400s)
(This is YOU—Half Male, Half Female)

Do you recognize the person here?

You should. This is an esoteric portrait of you!

The famous magician Harry Houdini—who was a dedicated Freemason—says in The Metaphysical Magazine:

“…the Sun represents the right half of the body and the Moon the left half…" x

You, me, all of us are formed of the"pairs of opposites," and it infiltrates every aspect of our lives.

In a sense, this explains the"devil" on our left and"angel" on our right shoulders:

We are demons and deities, sinners and saints, moons and suns, all wrapped in one human package.

Life is a mingled yarn," wrote Shakespeare,"good and evil together…"

Now, once you realize this Great Wisdom…

Once you perceive the duality of the Universe and of your own body…

Once you understand how to interpret this wisdom correctly…

Everything changes for you!

You can use this wisdom like a tool, and it can help you in ways you never imagined…ways that can empower you to accomplish extraordinary things…

Let me explain…



Buy Written In Stone by Richard Cassaro


How Masonry’s Twin Pillars (signifying"opposites") have been esoterically encoded by governments and leaders in Coats of Arms, State Seals, and other documents:



How Masonry’s Twin Pillars form a key element of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (i.e., Severity / Mercy):


—How this is to teach you that you are composed of opposites

—And how this wisdom illuminates us to the truth behind the opposing right-half and left-half of our bodies.

How China’s ancient Yin/Yang conveys"opposites":

—And why there’s a dot of Yang in Yin and a dot of Yin in Yang.

How Gothic Cathedral checkerboard floors denote the"pairs of opposites":


“The pattern is related to the number two …the bipolar nature of earthly existence and/or the dual paths (positive/negative; good/evil; light/darkness…" p.100
—Sandra A. Thomson Pictures from the Heart: A Tarot Dictionary

How the Ancients believed that beneath our body—beneath our male"right-half" and female"left-half"—we have an eternal"soul."


How this"soul" is really a"fallen god"—and, thus, we are fallen gods— trapped in an animal’s body:

  “Man is a god in the body of an animal according
to the pronouncement of ancient philosophy…" vii
How our body’s two opposite halves have nothing to do with our"soul within" (or"god within") which is who we really are:
  You don't have a Soul. You are a Soul. You have a body
— CS Lewis

How Greek philosophers like Socrates believed how our bodily"opposites" imprison our soul inside our bodies, causing us to lose sight of our inner spiritual Self:

“…every pleasure and pain provides…another nail to rivet the soul to the body and to weld them together. It makes the soul…believe that truth is what the body says it is." viii

How this wisdom can empower you and enable you to better understand yourself, others, and the world around us.


How the"pairs of opposites" teaching relates the real-life"Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs":

“The phenomenon of duality pervades Egyptian culture
and is at the heart of the Egyptian concept of the universe… Heaven and earth, light and dark, the sun and moon… are only the most obvious examples of this dichotic unity...."

How esoteric depictions of Christ on the cross—with his right-hand paired with the sun, and left-hand with the moon—secretly encode the occult teaching that man is composed of"pairs of opposites"


Esoteric portrait of Christ.

Esoteric portrait 1400s

—And how mystics believe that once you learn this knowledge you too can gain"Christ-like" powers.

How the little known and very"secret" Gospel of Thomas—discovered in the mid-1900s in the Egyptian desert (dates to the beginning of the Christian era)—relates passages where Jesus unequivocally states that true"knowledge" or"gnosis" can only be achieved by a"reunion of opposites":

“In this way you will reach the fullness, the unity… How is that done? By union with each other and union within oneself…let perfect unity take the place of primitive dissociation and"division"

…in other words, let the"outside" become as the"inside", the"upper" like the"lower", the male like the female; let the first become last and the last first: in short, let there be reunion of opposites…" ix

“When you make the two one, you will become sons of Man and if you say: ‘Mountain, move!’, it will move." x


How the two lower points of a Triangle symbolize the Masonic Twin Pillars and stand for the"pairs of opposites":


—And how the Triangle’s third point (situated midway between and higher than the two lower points) symbolizes a"union of opposites"—which represents Masonry’s lost secret of Three.


Evidence that America’s Masonic Founding Fathers fully understood this"pairs of opposites" wisdom:


—Including how America’s Eagle holds an olive branch (symbolizing peace) in his right hand and arrows (symbolizing war) in his left hand.

—And also the fact that America’s first president, Freemason George Washington, walked upon the"pairs of opposites" in his life (symbolized here by the floor on which he stands) in the sense of transcending and dominating them.


How the"pairs of opposites" teaching was central to the ancient Mayans, and how scholars believe they associated this with man’s bodily"right-
half" and"left-half":


“Throughout Maya history the left and right sides of the human body…have had important cultural and symbolic meanings… For the Classic Maya, as with contemporary Maya peoples, the right hand or side of the body often signified "pure, powerful, or superordinate," and the left frequently symbolized "weaker, lame, or subordinate" in particular cultural contexts."

—Dr. Joel W. Palka, Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Latin American Studies at Vanderbilt University (in Tennessee)


How ancient Mayan symbols conveyed this"pairs of opposites" teaching:


Hunab Ku

This symbol represents the solar calendar, balanced forces,
and perfection. Its similarity to the yin/yang is uncanny.


How ancient Mayan"double-headed Jaguars" symbolize the"pairs of opposites" that compose all of us:


How ancient Persian"double-headed Horses" symbolize the"pairs of opposites" that compose all of us:


How the famous Masonic Twin-Headed Eagle symbolizes the"pairs of opposites" that compose all of us:


How the Masonic"Triangle" (above the Twin Headed Eagle) symbolizes the Unity or Reconciliation of Opposites—which reveals Freemasonry’s
Secret of Three
(union or reconciliation of the"pairs of opposites")

Order Written In Stone Now!


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